Charity Afterwork by Tara For Women together with F&deO Gallery and Gärna Art Gallery

A golden mile alley in Madrid’s . An experience. A celebration of women in art and culture. Two galleries. Two exhibitions.

 Tara For Women Foundation organizes its first Solidarity Afterwork, in collaboration with F&deO gallery, known as the first female art gallery in the world, and Gärna Art Gallery, an icon of art and design in Spain, which will present two perspectives of contemporary art and culture.

Galeria F&deO celebrates with the exhibition Totems, with works by the British artist Louise de Lima. An example of timeless art that reflects on the role of the feminine from its ritualistic roots.

Gärna Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery whose objective is to bring art closer to society; as an element of reflection, of representation of our era, of personal elevation and aesthetic enjoyment. They bring together emerging, consolidated, national and foreign artists, who approach their creations with talent and passion.

The donations collected at the event are intended to help women entrepreneurs and artists around the world.

Our gallery is very glad to be part and collaborate in this initiative!