Sergio Femar wins the BE ART contest by Colonial and Gärna Art Gallery

Colonial announced for the first time an art contest with the aim of giving even more value to the buildings, providing greater well-being to its users and to the environment of the new Miguel Ángel 23 offices. The work consisted in creating a ceramic mural, with the collaboration of Porcelanosa, and should inspire the main characteristics that converge in Miguel Ángel 23: sustainability, innovation and well-being. A piece to beautify the access to the building and the view from the street, inviting to reflect on the care of our planet.

Based on that, Sergio Femar´s mural proposal is a response to a society on alert that treats nature as a backdrop, were objects find their way easily through a consumption that continues to generate unnecessary surplus and pollution.

Therefore, as a point of balance, his work seeks supports in discarded materials giving them a new value. In this way , his design is based on commitment , sustainability and respect for the environment which was also considered in the construction of the building.