09.05.2024 - 15.06.2024

Gärna Art Gallery is delighted to announce “What happened?” an exhibition of new works on canvas by Lotte Keijzer, Einari Hyvönen, Juan de la Rica, and Tom Gully opening at the gallery´s space on May 9, 2024. “What happened?” marks the artists debut at the gallery, featuring bikes, fantastic creatures, crocodiles, myth-like women, and fictional characters are just some of the figures in their painterly arsenal featured. 

«What Happened?» serves as a reflection on history, inviting viewers to contemplate the stories behind the art, prompting questions about the human condition, the passage of time, and the fragility of existence. Through their exploration of imperfection and past mistakes, the artists challenge traditional notions of beauty, resilience, and perfection, embracing the messy, chaotic, and unpredictable nature of life. 

«What Happened?» offers deep introspection into the human condition, weaving connections between past, present, and future. The selected artists engage in impactful, richly-layered works exploring themes of memory, myth, history, literature, and poetry. 

Each piece expresses a refusal of limits, probing the depths of memory through their singular, iconic practices.The show seeks to recognize the capacity of contemporary art to promote reflection on universal and philosophical issues, drawing from collective nostalgia and the individual experiences of the artists, all in service of the whole.