COAM, 23.2.2023 - 26.2.2023

Gärna Art Gallery is pleased to present «Social Landscapes», curated booth for UVNT Art Fair 2023The proposal, composed by four international artists, highlights the social responsibility of these creators, actively engaged with their communities and spaces, through the exploration of contemporary media and languages. Art as a social act, presenting a selection of works united by their involvement with the current cultural moment and exploring how identity can be created and experienced through art.

Albert Pinya (1985, Palma de Mallorca) bases his work on a deliberate and ironic ingenuity that dismantles the perverse structures of reality. He has quickly developed an identifiable style of his own, in which he applies the codes of popular culture, comics, illustration and a thoughtful naive aesthetic that hides the precise treatment of the themes he explores.

Pepo Moreno (1985, Tortosa) his paintings have grown to become both a mock and a celebration of gay stereotypes in Western pop culture. Deep down, it embraces some of the contradictions of the modern queer life experience: from the happiness of being out to the “forever young, forever beautiful” obsession that often hides the loneliness and isolation of being an outcast.

Luca Bjornsten´s  (1986, Copenhagen) work a slightly ironic or humorous take on contemporary life, and our modern landscape. Taking a holistic approach to his practice, there is often a symbiosis between the way the artwork is made and the subject matter of the work. A feeling of joy and something peaceful, yet something unnerving seems to be at work at the same time. These forms of expression all represent different characteristics of modern life, such as mass production, consumerism, climate change and plastic waste.

Eric Stefanski (1987, Chicago) lives and works in Chicago. He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received his MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. His work is a reflection on the failure, humour, and sincerity that comes with being an artist. He explores themes of modern society and art history while reflecting on his own personal history through large-scale abstract work that incorporates text.