Pontevedra (Spain), 1990

Sergio Femar focuses on the physical and theoretical characteristics of matter when creating his work. He is influenced by both the changing nature of street art and the serenity of working in an art studio, and therefore he is highly aware of the physical and plastic elements that make up his work, along with their origins. He does not approach a new piece with a fixed idea in mind, but rather starts to connect with the material and lets the work progress by itself. Spontaneity is a key element in his process, as well as the choice of media that adds dimension to a two-dimensional source to approach expanded painting and create dialogue between colour and form and space.

He works with both large and small pieces, and aims to transcend the mere object to reach a greater significance in our society and culture. To Sergio Femar, abstraction is devoid of recognizable images, is not immediately apparent for narrative exposition and can be used to establish a connection between the artist, the work and the public. He remarks, “Seeing is the step before knowing.”