12.2.2022 - 26.3.2022

Gärna Art Gallery is pleased to present the first exhibition of the Californian artist Hayden Rearick in Spain. The exhibition, «Nevermind», will open its doors to the public on Saturday, February 12 in the main gallery.

Hayden Rearick, presents the unpublished series «Never Bored», a set of informalist style canvases based on «no form», through the application of marks and large non-congruent color forms, elements on which the bases of his compositions are based. The brushstroke and the materiality of the works refer us to the figure of the American abstract expressionists of the 50’s and 60’s, absolute reference for the artist.

His way of working, characterized by emotionality, extreme freedom and unconditioned spontaneity, gives its name to the exhibition «Nevermind», a vindication of freedom as an act of pure authenticity. Far from the standardized forms of the cultural industry and the structuralist logic that excludes spontaneity in favor of modern rationalism, this exhibition is an invitation by Rearick to let ourselves be carried away through the slogan «Nevermind» to a world where the celebration of vision, poetics and spirituality are the main protagonists.

The large format of the works allows him to make the very action of painting a form of meditation in which to release thoughts crammed inside him and channel his emotions.

For Rearick, painting is a refuge, a path and a destiny.