Toledo (Spain), 1981

His studio is full of materials that are familiar to all of us from their use in the field of fine arts, including paper that he dyes beforehand for later manipulation. All of them are presented randomly on his work table and add to the problem of composition, which he resolves directly on the support of the work. In this act of composing, it is essential for the artist that the materials he uses and arranges on the surface connect and come to have a unitary sense, giving rise in turn during the creative process to the non-renunciation of work as a playful form for the creation and production of the works.

Parallel to his collage work, he also presents a series of works in which he uses exclusively the medium of painting. With them, he generates a series of forms, which maintain a certain link with the structures of collage. He uses stains of broken colours and other more saturated colours where the density of the paint itself, more or less liquid, also plays an important role. These stain structures are simple in their outline and try to have a spatial sense close to the work he produces with his work on paper; superimposition of planes, where each form is integrated over the previous one, or not, giving the viewer an understanding of the different work processes through which the creation of each of the works passes.