01.12.2023 - 13.01.2024

Colours have the potential to express feelings and emotions and offer each person the freedom to relate their own to them. 

Gärna Art Gallery is pleased to present the third exhibition of the Californian artist Hayden
Rearick. As a self-taught artist, Hayden makes use of this freedom and combines powerful colours with saturated spray paint in his works. When deciding on the choice of colour, he is guided by his intuition, which gives his art the characteristic feature of spontaneity. The upcoming series picks up stylistically where his previous one left off, and is therefore a skilful continuation of the series Never Bored.

Hayden took a break between the two creative processes and consciously distanced himself from them in order to find new impulses. It’s about consciously creating distance in order to discover new closeness and thus gain the inspiration to create something new, or to put it in Haydens Words – “The best way for me to get inspired is to step away for a while”.

Hayden tries to project the positive energy of colour onto other people’s walls and show the expressive power of bright colours. Through the potential of individual association and its emotional content, Hayden enables the recipients of his art to become a part of it.

Hayden’s artworks should remind us to see the positive side of things and to use the freedom of colour association, because life is better in color.