22.2.2023 - 8.4.2023

Gärna Art Gallery presents “I love all your sins” the first ever solo exhibition of Eric Stefanski in Europe, from February 22, 2023, through March 31, 2023.

Concurrently, Gärna Art Gallery will participate in the 7th edition of UVNT Art Fair at COAM, Madrid, from February 23 to 26, and will present works by Stefanski along with other international artists.

The exhibition will feature a selection of large-format paintings mirroring the artist own cross-disciplinary approach, in which words and phrases are at the centre of his work. By using language, the artist transforms a basic communication tool into a unique provocation. Based in his own personal experience, the tone and recurring themes of his work are universal. His art is big and bold, and the almost immature tone of the lettering paired with vulgar wording adds a distinctive duality to his pieces.

Stefanski´s art is characterized by graphic simplicity and playful humour. Full of irony, his works can also be interpreted as commentaries on American society and contemporary life. From romance to rejection, the duality between high and low aspects of our culture are at the chore of his work.

In “I love all your sins”, Stefanski explores the collusion between the ironic and the romanticism. The works include short-phrases such as “I´m too romantic”, “You don´t deserve me”, expressing a mixture of self-reflection, masked-emotions, frustration and a sharp sense of humour, characteristic of his work. The artist draws upon sources from the everyday and embraces the techniques and imagery of commercial culture, exploring the banality of being a contemporary artist in modern life.

In his first solo show in Spain, Stefanski still finds new ways to manipulate and reinvent paint, through the use of words, making the ordinary, extraordinary.