California (USA), 1990

Hayden Rearick is an entirely self-taught artist who learns technique through experimentation and his ascination with the medium. He is based between California and Bordeaux and his discovery of abstract painting was abrupt, and seemingly random. He formed an immediate connection with the traditional practice of pigment applied to a surface, a technique that has been used and enjoyed for thousands of years. Hayden’s method of painting is based on spontaneity and instinct, and the application of marks and large forms of colours are not congruent with deep or profound meaning.

This emerging artist’s work portrays his inner thoughts through bold brush strokes, chaotic markmaking, and negative space. The goal of every painting is to evoke a response, and he never intends for his pieces to sit quietly on a wall and go unnoticed.

Though he is an emerging talent, he already has three exhibitions under his belt and he showcases work in private collections nationally. With a growing gallery presence, Hayden isndefinitely an artist to watch.