31.3.2022 - 14.5.2022

Gärna Gallery is pleased to present FACE IT, Timothy Van Oorschot’s first exhibition in Spain. The show brings together a selection of powerful works that are the quintessence of the artist’s emotional and technical mastery, including a mural intervention in the gallery space.

In 2020, the world stopped. The pace of many accelerated years diminished and everything went through a slowing down movement that each individual experienced differently. For Timothy, the days at home triggered a strong need to return to the past where he was still creating with his hands, pen and paper.

As a visual artist, Van Oorschot experiments with the plastic arts to produce images that disturb and seduce us at the same time, based on portraits that explore the concept of human identity, delving into the universally recurring and intimate question of “Who am I?”

Timothy devotes himself to answering this question through single-line drawings that cover entire spaces, often with just ink and paper, and rapid movements that allow him to move in uncalculated ways.

Van Oorschot has developed a body of work characterized by instinctive and daring endeavors. His portraits are subversive models of representation that cannot be categorized or recognizable, causing an impact on the viewer that transcends the limits of conventionality and perfection.

Despite his relatively recent foray into the art world, he is currently one of the leading figurative artists in the Netherlands, having already exhibited his work at Het Arsenaal with Monique de Bouvrie, Nu Art Design, and Hempel Arts London, as well as at the PAN Amsterdam fairs and Independent Hotel show together with Roelfien Vos.