21.5.2021 - 1.7.2021

In general relativity, the «horizon of events» is a region of hyperspace that functions as a point of no return, the border of space-time, which once crossed prevents anything from going back. It is a region with gravitational wells where everything collapses, trapping light and matter.

The horizon is also the imaginary line that separates the sky from the earth; the visible, near and known, from the invisible, distant and beyond. Our daily reality is close and conscious (in spatial, temporal, sensory and palpable contexts) in contrast with our past and future (the face of the unknown, the mystical and the ancestral). 

Daniel Núñez and Las Ánimas invite us to go beyond their particular horizon of events to get to know their art, and from there evaluate the outside world. Like two sides of the same coin or two parallel dimensions, there is the world of the material, earthly, popular and tangible, versus the world of the magical, cosmic and transcendental. This exhibition establishes the links between both worlds and provides the keys for understanding each. 

It is a mixture of painting and sculpture that speaks to us about symbols, languages and portals, and about how to sublimate the everyday and reconnect with the energy of the cosmos.

An event horizon awaits.

Go into it.