8.4.2021 - 2.5.2021

Gärna Art Gallery presents “Bloomingdays,” an exhibition by the artist MRM (Martina Rodríguez Morán), with a proposal where color fills each piece from this Asturian creator with inner energy, temperament and resolution. This individual exhibition will open on April 8th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and will end on May 9th. It consists of seven large and seven small canvases that are all based on the seven colors of the rainbow.

 “Colorful, but much more. Its forms are to color as a flame is to fire. It establishes structures of signifiers that transmit liveliness and energy. A baroque that balances symmetries, a chromatic orgy with mathematical rigor, a vibration opposed to disorder that liberates and affirms it. Color matters, because we play with it until it fascinates us, but no less than the architecture that it articulates with it”, says Tomás Paredes, president of the Spanish Association of Art Critics (AECA).

 MRM (originally from Pancar, Llanes, in Asturias) finished her Architecture studies at the Polytechnic School of Madrid, studies that she has always considered to be the foundations on which she built her artistic career. Her work is influenced by her time as a student, but also fundamentally by her continuous desire and passion for research, creation and improvement. Each of her creations expresses freshness, originality and exuberance. Since 2016, she has participated in seven collective exhibitions, four individual exhibitions and several painting competitions, where she has won awards such as the BMW Painting Award. Her painting brims with expressiveness and spontaneity, and explores the connection between the virtual and reality.