10.9.2020 - 31.12.2020

Gärna Gallery is pleased to present The Shared Gaze, the joint exhibition of Carlos Pascual and Sergio Femar.

The Shared Gaze speaks of the meeting of two generations that paint from a shared perspective, where in distant beginnings of abstraction they put geometric order in the center of a debate that still continues today, providing a wealth of suggestions and ideas for numerous artists.

This geometric and constructive abstraction develops around a language where the compositional equilibrium, the color linked to shape or the emphasis of the physical characteristics of the support stops being the main storyline of the work, and is now at the margin of whatever narrative or symbolic content takes precedence. This sort of painting is self referential, where the process is intentionally visible rather than hidden.

The exhibition also aims to be a revitalization of painting as a language capable of reminding us that the gaze can be a form of knowledge, but also as a source of enjoyment of the senses.

The Shared Gaze is also about sustainability; the artists combine scraps of metal, cardboard, wood, fabric and other leftover construction materials that are transformed into powerful compositions that inspire us. At the same time, it invites us to reflect about where waste without any utility will end up without giving it a second life as works of art.