23.09.2021 - 31.10.2021

Through an enlightening collection of photographs, Lucía Gorostegui engages in a dialogue with Patricia Bustos Studio’s Casa Ola and immerses us in her most personal architectural universe, through a sensory interpretation of the space.

Gorostegui reveals the details and emotions that she herself experiences with architectural spaces through the lens of her camera. After a process of abstraction, the result is elegant and subtle: a series of photographs in different formats and media that capture ephemeral moments of the domestic architecture of Casa Ola just before the space is inhabited.

The photographs show fragments of encounters of materials, lights and colors that reveal moments of emotion captured in intimate abstractions. The particular sensibility of the author, a physicist by training, shines through. Gorostegui freezes excerpts from the imagination in the Casa Ola: «With my work I try to convey to the viewer that emotion of the search, give credence to their most fleeting perceptions and make them feel the abstraction.»

The care for details and textures connects both Gorostegui, the photographer, and Gaston Bachelard, the architect. Gorostegui not only captures the essence of Casa Ola through photographs, but also uses materials present in the space and turns them into supports and parts
of her own work, such as the beach sand mortar of some frames and the
iridescent characteristic of light. In this way, a delicate dialogue is established between the built house and the photographic portrait, far beyond the mere representation of a space. Gorostegui invites us to activate the senses and enjoy the plasticity of architecture as Gaston Bachelard proposed in the Poetics of Space, with light as the main protagonist. In the words of the author: «I understand architecture as a canvas and light as a pigment.»