26.5.2022 - 01.9.2022

The time of a place

«Wherever something lives, there is, open somewhere, a register in which time is inscribed» H. Bergson.

Painting, like architecture, has always been subject to the natural laws of time and space. Questions arise from a complex relationship of internal processes, and artists follow the paths of exploration and learning. In these circumstances, motives and convictions arise as a response to what is before us. Our attention is captured and we come to appreciate the existence of things, such as life cycles, unexpected changes, and surprising events that occur. All of these things end up forming an interior scaffolding that builds our being, from our unique personal experiences that arise on a daily basis.

The works in this exhibit invite reflection on the tangible and intangible issues that are part of our perceptual world, including the ephemerality of our environment and questions about the value of things. Through different approaches and processes, Rosh delves into the spatial arrangement of our world, to explore the reasoning behind our surroundings. We must face life and live without fear of making mistakes, because everything is learned and everything builds upon experiences. With this attitude, we understand that beauty can arise from unexpected sources such as chaos, deterioration, and lack of control.

Some say creating without your soul is better, yet the soul is what gives meaning and spirit to artistic works. This series can be seen as an act of rebellion that strips itself of imperative discourses to show the fragility of life and its meaning through the art-life relationship.


Alvaro Jaen  (DiMASLA)