Madrid (Spain), 1950

Carlos Pascual graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Madrid and earned a doctorate from the University of Salamanca, where he teaches painting classes as a full-time professor. Throughout his artistic career, he has received various awards and scholarships, such as the Scholarship for the Research of new expressive forms that he was awarded by the Ministry of Culture in 1979. It is also worth mentioning the numerous pictorial interventions that he has carried out in the field of architecture, such as the ceramic mural decorations he made for EXPO 92 on the Island of Cartuja in Seville. In addition, he has held multiple individual and group exhibitions in Spain, and his work is present in leading public collections such as the Reina Sofía National Art Museum, the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and the La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona.

In general terms, his work is based on a series of aesthetic and conceptual assumptions that come from a free and personal review of the constructive and geometric avant-gardes of the 20th century. He puts into play a series of plastic approaches such as abstraction, compositional balance, colour linked to form, the physical nature of the media, scale, flatness and three-dimensionality… All of which are understood in a self-referential sense i.e., the work describes itself while maintaining its autonomy at all times. Its existence does not obey any external factor of a narrative or symbolic nature, it only refers to its own presence as an object. In this sense, his career connects with minimalist and objectual traditions, although interpreted from a non-dogmatic or exclusive position. Instead, his work moves between geometry and sensuality, between order and emotion.