Lucía Gorostegui presents her photographic gaze on the construction process in the exhibition Lugar, Umbral (Place, Threshold) as part of PhotoEspaña 2022.

   Through the photographic exploration of four works in progress by the architectural studio Plantea Estudio, Lucía Gorostegui reflects on the links between architectural construction, photographic construction and the construction of one’s own reality.

   Through various installations and more than fifty photographs, the exhibition expands the threshold between the real and the interpreted, in a scenography of the in-between.

   The exhibition Lugar, Umbral opens at the Sala Pavilion on May 31 at 7 pm, organized by Gärna Art Gallery and Plantea Estudio.

   Following the philosophy of the architect Aldo van Eyck, the threshold symbolizes the ground where the opposite categories that make up our existence meet. Through an exhibition proposal that transcends the visual, Lucía Gorostegui makes the Threshold a Place, immersing us in a universe of construction as material as it is poetic.

   Through the arrangement of images and other installations, the exhibition generates an atmosphere of work in progress to reflect on subjectivity and the construction of individual reality. Thus, pictorial images that seem to emerge from mere contemplation are subtly interspersed with others that, on the contrary, reveal a direct action of the artist on the photographed space: in it, still lifes and ephemeral sculptures explore the tension between the casual and the intervened. The various materials and found objects are also collected to form a physical part of the exhibited pieces, intervening the photographs in which they themselves appear, to establish a perceptive dialogue between model and representation that blurs the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, the center and the margin, the author and the receiver.

   The process then pushes to the limit that quality of photography according to which we assume what we see to be true, and the need to understand arises. The photographic image as a metaphor for our certainties.

   The exhibition, which is part of the selection of the Off PhotoEspaña 2022 Festival, invites us to inhabit that threshold between the real and the interpreted. It is the place where the two conditions can coincide without being opposed, and we find harmony in the face of this disjunctive: photography is an act of the imagination.