Albert Pinya has been featured El Aviso Mallorca

   This time, the artist openly talks about his main inspirations , the way he sees the world and his motivations to keep innovating while giving a very personal and own signature.

   He strives to «discover the undiscovered», starting with himself. The artist Albert Pinya likes to accept challenges that confront him, always in search of a truth that expresses itself in a mobile way, giving him the dynamism in everyday life with which he creates imaginary scenarios full of figures and full of colors.

   With written visual language, iconography, Pinya confronts themes related to courage and overcoming fear, positive incentive and critical thinking. Innovative, searching for new stylistic means, he intuitively moves towards them.

   Currently you can see the exhibition «Cámara de combustión» («Combustion Chamber») in collaboration with the ceramist Joan Pere Català Roig at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Es Baluard in Palma. In this installation, both artists join together through clay, color and imagery to create sculptural works reminiscent of Totem. They create message in times of «technobarbarism» that comes with the digital revolution, asking to look back to values in the tradition of making, identity, uniqueness and the need to keep them alive. 

Pictures belong to Albert Pinya´s archive and Roman Hillmann