BE ART Art contest by colonial and Gärna

To generate a focus of artistic attention that provokes everyone’s attention. This is the objective of the competition promoted by Colonial and Gärna Art Gallery.

Colonial is calling for the first time an art competition with the aim of giving even more value to the buildings, bringing greater wellbeing to its users and to the surroundings of the new Miguel Ángel 23 offices. The work consists of the creation of a ceramic mural, with the collaboration of Porcelanosa, and must inspire the main characteristics that converge in Miguel Ángel 23: sustainability, innovation and wellbeing. A set to beautify the access to the building and the view from the street, inviting reflection on the care of our planet.


Finalists and proposals

Cova Rios

With her proposal "Paisaje" (Landscape), she brings the Sierra Madrileña mountains to the center of Madrid, inviting us to stop and reflect. Her proposal creates a texture through laminar modules and a composition that alludes to the calm beauty in a society increasingly accustomed to a visual and fast life.

Elisa Crespo Barreda

Her design is the gateway to a natural and sustainable universe in the middle of the noisy city. the aim is to be perceived as a building linked to nature. For this reason, his proposal includes a series of rounded forms in which he plays with the textures, colors and shapes of the plant, natural and earth worlds.

Teresa J. Cuevas

With her proposal "Avance", Teresa tells us in a simple way the continuous waves of life, in which one stage comes after another without being able to stop them, just live them. The design is inspired by the delicacy and fineness of paper cut by the hand of man and the mural is formed by an overlapping of porcelain sheets of different thicknesses and cuts.

Zuloark School

The "Reminiscing" project is inspired by quotes such as "the present will not generate ruins, but rubble, and this will be the quarry of the future" and is born with the aim of incorporating sustainability and environment using a third life material: the rubble. In this case, it will be obtained from the waste, surplus and factory dust generated by the cutting of porcelain pieces.


The winning proposal

Sergio Femar

His mural proposal is a response to a society on alert that treats nature as a backdrop, where objects make their way easily through a consumption that continues to generate unnecessary surplus and pollution.

Therefore, as a point of balance, his work seeks supports and discarded materials that take on a new value. thus, his design is based on commitment, sustainability and respect for the environment, which was also taken into account in the construction of the building.